Where do Swallows go in Winter?

Typographic Publication

Beginning in 2011, the war in Syria has since displaced millions, ruined lives and torn the country to pieces. Plastered across the media, people around the world are given stories about politicians, statistics and unhappy neighbouring countries, but what about those living through it?


After reading hundreds of refugee’s stories and comparing them to the often matter-of-fact articles shown in the news, Anna wanted to give voice to the intimate, horrifying and courageous stories of the everyday people affected by this war. Through careful consideration of type treatment and design elements she aimed to give context to the drastically increased migrant population and illustrate why so many Syrians have fled their homeland.

Where do swallows go in winter? shares the stories of seven Syrian refugees at different stages of their migration journeys. Each voice is interpreted differently, alluding to their life situations and individual struggles. This intimately sized and delicately constructed publication encourages readers to become more aware of the horrors these people have faced, and the lengths they have gone to find a better life.


Project awarded an International Society of Type Design (ISTD) Membership for high standards of typographic sensibility in the ISTD Student Assessment 2018