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Faxed: Yemen Can't Wait

Social Campaign / Poster Campaign / Event 

After realising how few people in her community knew about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen Anna knew she had to do something, so Faxed was born. The project began as a campaign with two parts: encouraging her community to learn about the crisis, and, bridging the gap between Yemeni voices and the rest of the world. Designers were asked to: learn about the crisis, make a poster from these insights, share the poster online and pass on the challenge. Alongside this Anna conducted interviews with Yemeni creatives and activists to highlight the situation in Yemen through human stories, rather than news headlines.

Ultimately the first Faxed campaign turned from a social media campaign to a street poster campaign and finally an exhibition and Yemeni film screening raisings awareness and funds for the cause.

*Note: The event was held when there was no lockdown in place and groups of 100+ were allowed to gather in a public venue

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Faxed Insta Story_SYSCA-11.png